New Jersey Bounce Houses

Children love jumping--that's an objective fact. Sure, they love walking, running, playing video games, scuba diving, playing on the jungle gym, playing in the McDonald's playscapes, and eating chocolate cake, but jumping is easily amongst the top ten things that children like to do, hands down, no questions asked. That being said, it's hard to find a good form of party entertainment that includes jumping, or a good form of party entertainment at all! Theoretically, you could have a hop-scotch tournament, or you could have a jump rope battle, or you could just scream at all of the children to hop incessantly until they get tuckered out and fall over in a fruit punch and chocolate cake-driven sugar crash, but that often doesn't go over too well, especially not with other parents. However, luckily for you, there is a fantastic option when it comes to finding a form of party entertainment that stays within the the theme of jumping around but is safe, fun, and versatile. The best option for you is to rent a bounce house for your party or event. A bounce house is a large, inflatable, enclosed structure that can hold about a dozen children at a time. The following article will shine light on just some of the benefits of renting a bounce house for your party or event, and you will find that you will have a much more easy of a time planning your next party or event.

Bounce Houses are awesome, first and foremost, because they come in a great variety of sizes and styles. You could get a bounce house anywhere from about 15' wide by 13' long, to up to 25' wide and 20' long! That's anywhere from about 8 children to up to about 18! That's a lot of little kids, no doubt, no lie. You could also get the bounce house in whatever style that you desire. If you want to have it based upon a setting theme, such as a bounce house in the style of a king's castle, or a wild west theme, or an under the sea theme. Those are all popular and often available options at most bounce house providers. You could also get a bounce house in the style of a popular licensed character such as Mickel Mouse, a Minion from 'Despicable Me', Tigger, or any of the Looney Tunes, or all of them, we won't judge!

Bounce Houses are also, above all, safe. They are surrounded by four mesh walls that prevent the children from falling to the hard, cold ground below. As long as the bounce house is treated with respect, and patched up with the provided patch kit if any holes show up, then you have a guaranteed hit at your party that will keep the children entertained and burning off their energy while requiring minimal adult supervision.